Frequency synthesiser

Universal multifunctional low-noise synthesizer for S-band radars with a digital command interface


  • to form repetition composite waveforms according to selected signal memory bank at the carrier frequency with high stability and low level of phase noises.
  • to form high stable heterodyne frequency, fully coherent with a repetition pulse carrier frequency and shifted along a frequency space on the intermediate frequency value (700MHz).
  • to form continuous high-stable reference clock signals for using them in digitizing system such as ADC.

Main features

Parameter Value
1Carrier frequency range, fc2,8…3,2 GHz
2Heterodyne frequency rangefc -700 MHz
3Step of frequency1,0 MHz
4Level of phase noise in the output signal
at the frequency mismatch point such as:
0,1 kHz-95 dB
1,0 kHz-110 dB
10,0 kHz-118 dB
5Clock frequency28 MHz
6Level of spurious component-75 dB
7Power of output signal, mW:
«Heterodyne» (adjustable)500
«Out, main»1200
«Out 1» (adjustable) 0,7
«Out 2» (adjustable) 0,15
«Out reference»5
«Out clock»5
8Power of output signal in a mute mode (between pulses),
«Out, main»-75
«Out 1»-75
«Out 2»-75
9Supply voltage, V27
10Supply current, A1,8
11Temperature range-40…+60°C