Universal two-channel single downconversion receiver of S-band range with digital control interface


The receiver is intended for using in coherent radar application that uses a single downconvertion mode and needs two identical analog channels.


  • wide operating frequency band;
  • preselector;
  • two identical channels;
  • stabilized output level of signal;
  • digital checking and control interface;
  • hermetic case.

Main features

1Frequency range2,8…3,2 GHz
2Heterodyne frequency2,1…2,5 GHz
3Heterodyne power3…9 mW
4IF frequency(700±4) MHz
5Transmitting level adjustment22 dB, 8 dB
6Transmitting coefficient, max+(22±1,0) dB
7Transmitting coefficient, min+(8±0,5) dB
8Fine adjustment level of transmitting coefficient+(2,0) dB
9Step of fine adjustment0,5 dB
10Input signal power, max35 mW
11Output signal power, max8 mW
12Noise13 dB
13Amplitude-frequency characteristic ripple at
any frequency point of the operating range
±0.5 dB
14Frequency discrimination in the mirror channel,
not less
70 dB
15Frequency discrimination with ±30Mhz detuning,
not less
60 dB
16Phase detuning, max±8 degree
17Temperature operation range-40…+60°C
18Power supply+ 48 V; 0,12 A
19Dimension200×115×30 mm
20Weight0,8 kg